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Information we collect

Your Client/Web Browser IP address
This is collected in the server access log and not linked to your or used for tracking purposes beyond your route through the website.

Information we collect: Fan Art Submissions

We collect a number of items on this form. Subject to Moderation, we will retain Contact Details privately and all other data may appear on stream or on the Fan Art Gallery Page.

Information we exchange or collect via Third parties

Google Analytics is used to collect anonomous usage information for this website

Google/YouTube API's are used to embed videos from Last Call for Adventure into this website

This website does not collect or store any Google/YouTube information from you the user of this website.

Please review the Youtube Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy

We use for Embedding the Podcast edition, please review their Privacy Policy

Patreon and Discord

If you Login to this website via Patreon or Discord we will collect the following Information:

  • Your unique Patreon UserID
  • Your Patreon Full Name
  • Your Patreon First Name
  • Your unique Patreon MembershipID if you are a Patron of Last Call for Adventure
  • Your active tier for Last Call for Adventure on Patreon if any
  • If you login via Discord your unqiue Discord User ID will be linked to your unqiue Patreon User ID

Twitch Extension

We operate a Twitch Extension that is enabled on the channels the show is streaming live on, on Twitch.

It operates in a similar way to this website, it will collect your Client/Web Browser IP address into server access logs, this is not linked/connected to your Twitch User ID, in anyway, and we do not know or collect what your Twitch User ID is.

Please review the Twitch Terms of Service

Cookie Policy

The Last Call for Adventure website only sets essential cookies used for Session management if you login to the secure section.

Google Analytics, YouTube or OmnyStudio may set their own Cookies to ensure operation of their services or embeds.