Our available Tiers and their Benefits.

  • Join our monthly quarterly session hosted by JP with cast members

  • Access to the content as soon as we can publish it: Patrons will receive our content as soon as we can get it posted and processed after a show airs.

The Adventurer role in Discord

  • Ad-free videos
  • Early access
  • Live Q&As
  • General Support
Join Tier via Patreon
  • Access to behind the scene videos, such as our Episode 0 content which includes character creation and world building and post show episodes

  • Name in the credits of each episode under the Sellsword tag.

The Sellsword role in Discord

  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Name in Credits
Join Tier via Patreon
  • Your questions get asked first during every Q&A

  • You are at the top of the credits and labelled a Legend

  • You have our eternal gratitude for believing in us and helping us create!

The Legend role in Discord

  • Name in Credits as Legend
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