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A dizzying metropolis nestled in the Lehra Ghat mountain range, Lufftam is home to renowned arcane inventors and aircraft engineers alike. The city’s boundaries far exceed its reach however, and those unlucky enough to live outside the city's heart find themselves at the mercy of the untamed reaches of the wilds just beyond the streetlights.

Brave hunters in search of gold, glory, or a good story take it upon themselves to keep the darkness at bay. The bell sounds in the square again, calling guild members to action; one Last Call for Adventure.


The Crew

A key part of Last Call for Adventure™ is its large, rotating cast, all playing within the same world and narrative. You’ll find a lot of familiar faces in our cast list, along with some new friends. This pool of skilled players means that if a crew member ever can’t make a show, we should always have an adventurer in the wings, ready to answer the call.

And this is just the beginning; New cast members will be added as the show progresses, so you may well see a few more battle-hardened heroes you know in the future!


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Supporters of our adventures through Patreon gain access to exclusive perks, from early access VODs, behind the scenes videos, post show content, character art timelapses, DM content used in the show, and much more!

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The Adventure Calls

Check out any Crew member’s Twitch channel on Wednesdays at 1pm EST / 10am PST / 6pm UTC to watch live. Join the Last Call for Adventure™ community on Discord for announcements, show discussion, fan art, and more, and follow us on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok for all our other updates.

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Additional Wisdom

What ruleset are you utilizing?

We're playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (all official printed expansions). ThatBronzeGirl is crafting and creating the world alongside the cast in real time.

Are you going to utilize the One D&D revision?

Not at the moment! This decision may change based on how we perceive its development and its reception throughout the industry and community.

What is the schedule for releasing VODs?

Episodes air on Wednesdays at 1PM Eastern and will be uploaded as MP3 and VOD - both ad free - as soon as possible for Patrons.

Publicly available, ad-supported MP3s will be uploaded Thursday at 1PM Eastern on podcast platforms. Each episode's VOD will be uploaded to YouTube on Thursday at 1PM Eastern (with ads) as well.

There will be no Twitch VODs available for Twitch viewers on channels where the episodes have been streamed.

Is there an official channel you will be streaming on?

The show will be streamed on each cast member's Twitch channel. There is no centralized chat for all channels.

What tool(s) are you using for the show?

Roll20.net is used for maps, rolling dice, and character sheets. The streams will also use a custom-made overlay made by BarryCarlyon.

Do you plan on making your Twitch extension public?

There are no current plans to make the extension public.

Who will be joining the show in the future?

We've got a long, long list of people we want to work with throughout the industry, including long time friends and first time D&Ders. When we're ready – and when it makes sense – we'll announce them and add them to the official cast list. Make sure to follow our Twitter and join our Discord to stay up to date with the news.

Do you plan to run one shot or specials? Will you ever do live, in person shows? Are animations something you want to eventually do? Will you be doing merchandise ever?

We want to grow the show to help facilitate any and all of the above. For the time being, though, we're going to be focusing on the weekly live streamed campaign.

Who designed the logo and live graphics?

Our logo and overlays are designed by iilu with developer support from BarryCarlyon.

Who is doing the character art and is it official?

Dave Stokes is crafting our character art and we consider it official.

Who is doing the token art for Roll20?

Haasio is creating out Roll20 in game character art.

Do you accept fan art?

Yes, absolutely! For the moment, please use LastCallForAdventure.com/Discord (the fan-art channel) for submitting any and all fan creations. We plan to use fan submissions during our breaks so please follow the guidelines in the channel so we can credit you!